Trudoor TD-RC Rim Cylinder, Schlage C Keyway

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  • Keyed rim cylinder – includes 2 keys (Schlage C keyway)
  • Includes horizontal tailpiece (can be changed to vertical)
  • Includes collar, “break-off” mounting screws, and backplate

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Trudoor TD-RC Rim Cylinder, 6-pin, Schlage C Keyway, Keyed Different, 2 Keys

The Trudoor TD-RC rim cylinder is for use with exit devices, exit device trim, and exit alarms – any brand or model requiring a rim cylinder.

  • 6-pin, Schlage C Keyway, Keyed Different
  • Includes Horizontal Tailpiece (can be changed to vertical)

Compatible with most exit device trim or devices that require a rim cylinder, including the following:

  • Trudoor Exit Devices: TDE-2000R-EO, TDE-F2000R-EO
  • Trudoor Trim: TDE-NL
  • Von Duprin Trim: 210NL, 230NL, 996L, 990NL, 990TP
  • Von Duprin Devices: 2670
  • Falcon Trim: 218NL, 240NL
  • Detex Devices/Trim: ECL-230D, ECL-230D-PH, 03P, 90KR Mullion
  • Design Hardware Trim: 2P-03NL, DFP-03NL
  • Ives Trim: VR910-NL
  • Yale Trim: 626F


Schlage C Keyway


622 Matte Black, 626 Satin Chrome, 630 Satin Stainless Steel

Cylinder Type

Rim Cylinder

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Trudoor TD-RC Rim Cylinder, Schlage C Keyway