Vision Lite Kits & Glazing

Top Selling Vision Lite Kits & Glazing

  • rockwood-lt-b1-gray-with-tempered-glass

    Rockwood - LT-B1 Vision Lite Kit Pack with 1/4″ Clear Tempered Safety Glass

    Starting at: $109.55
  • Protect3-Fire-Rated-Safety-Wire-Glass-by-Trudoor

    Protect3 - Fire-Rated Safety Wire Glass, 45-Minute Labeled, Cut-to-Size

  • Schott-Pyran-Platinum-F-Clear-Fire-Rated-Safety-Glass-by-Trudoor

    Schott - PYRAN® Platinum F Fire-Rated Safety Glass Ceramic, 90-Minute Labeled, Cut-to-Size

  • Trudoor Choice
    lite kits with wire glass

    Air Louvers - VSL Vision Lite Kit PAK with 1/4″ Protect3, 45 to 90 Minute Fire-Rated Safety Wire Glass

    Starting at: $119.41
  • Trudoor Choice
    fire-rated lite kits

    Air Louvers - VSL Vision Lite Kit PPF PAK with 3/16″ Clear PYRAN® Platinum F, 90 to 180 Minute Fire-Rated Safety Glass

    Starting at: $173.23
  • Trudoor Choice
    non-fire-rated lite kits

    Air Louvers - VSL Slimline Vision Lite Kit PAK with 1/4″ Clear Tempered Safety Glass

    Starting at: $93.08
  • air-louvers-vlfezig-gray-lite-kit-with-insulated-glass

    Air Louvers - VLFEZIG Vision Lite Kit PAK with 1″ Clear Insulated Safety Glass

    Starting at: $221.33

Trudoor is America’s source for vision lites and fire-rated safety glass – Low Prices, Fast and Safe Nationwide Delivery!

Vision Lite Kits (door window inserts) can be added to virtually any commercial steel or wood door. Lite Kits provide light to rooms and provide safety for well-traveled corridor doors and office doors, allowing to see if others are entering the room. Brands include Air Louvers, National Guard, and Rockwood. Custom cut-to-size Pyran® and FireLite® glass is available for vision lites, borrowed lite window frames, transoms, side lite frames, and other architectural applications.  Most standard lite kits and glass ship within 1-5 days!

Lite kits are essentially windows inside of a door. A section of the door must be cut out, to accommodate the lite kit. The order size is equal to the door cutout size.

A complete lite kit consists of one vision lite frame (used to hold the glass in place), one piece of glass and glazing tape to apply on the entire perimeter of both sides of the glass. Glazing tape is used to minimize breakage and is required when using fire-rated glass.

Lite kits are available in a combination of different sizes, frame colors, and glass types.


Vision Lite Kit Size Chart

UL Rated Wire Glass Listings Table