Hollow Metal Door with Lite Kit & Glass

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Commercial steel doors with lite kits and glass (or windows) not only provide light to a room, they ensure safety, too. Doors with lites, provide safety for well traveled corridor doors, allowing to see if others are entering the room.

  • Includes Pre-Installed Vision Lite w/ Glass
  • Ideal for Interior and Exterior Applications
  • Fire-Rated Glass Options Available

Product Overview

Heavy-duty steel door with glass kit for commercial, industrial and institutional applications

Our stock hollow metal door is an affordable non-handed, square-edge door solution designed to meet your requirements for quality full flush steel doors. These doors are designed to satisfy your requirements for durability, security, aesthetics or fire protection. Fire-rated glass is available with permanently etched UL Classification.


  • Includes self-attaching steel vision lite frame insert with glass
  • Glass types include clear tempered, insulated, wire safety and clear fire-rated ceramic glass
  • Lite kit order size equal to cutout size – Glass size is 1″ under, Visible glass is 2″ under
  • 1-3/4” Thick, non-handed design with reversible hinge plates
  • Interlocking seam enhances structural rigidity and durability
  • Factory-applied rust-inhibiting primer (no special color options)
  • Fire-rated up to 3 hours with WHI / ITS mylar label applied (optional)


Heavy Duty, SDI Level 2 – 18-Gauge Steel Face Sheets – (16 Ga. Available)


Rigid Honeycomb Core or Polystyrene Core

Door Thickness

1-3/4" Standard


Non-Handed Design; Reversible Hinge Plates

Door Sizes

Standard Widths up to 4'0", Height to 8'0" (Custom Sizes Available)


Square Hinge and Lock Edges (Beveled Edges Available) – Full Height, Epoxy Filled Mechanical Interlock Edges


Heavy Gauge Door Closer and Hinge Reinforcements


14-Gauge Inverted Top and Bottom Channels, Optional Flush Top Cap

Door Finish

Factory-Applied, Baked-On, Rust Inhibiting Gray Primer (No Special Color Options) – Not intended to be a finish coat. It is recommended that finish paint (top coat) be applied after installation

Standard Preps

161 (cylindrical lock), 86 Edge (mortise lock), Deadbolt, RPD (blank edge, panic reinforced)

Optional Preps

Continuous Hinge Application (Undersized Width), Exit Device Trim, Louver Cutouts

ANSI Standards

Meets or Exceeds Standards for ANSI 250.4 and ANSI 250.8

Door Fire-Rating

Optional (with fire glass) – WHI / ITS up to 3-hour Fire-Rating, Positive Pressure and “S” Smoke included

Vision Lite Frame Construction

20 or 18-Gauge Steel

Vision Lite Frame Brands

Air Louvers, NGP (National Guard), Advantage, Rockwood

Vision Lite Frame Fire-Rating

3 Hour – Tested and Listed for UL 10C and Criteria of UBC 7-2 Positive Pressure – WHI Listed

Vision Lite Frame Finishes

Gray, Bronze, Black or White Powder Coat, Primed Gray

Glass Types

1/4" Clear Tempered, 1" Insulated, 1/4" Fire-Rated Wire, 3/16" Fire-Rated Pyran Platinum F

Buy American Act Compliance

Meets Buy American Act – Made in USA

Mfg. Hinge/Lock Locations

Steelcraft, Mesker, Ceco, Curries, Republic, Baron, DKS, Pioneer, Deansteel, Custom Locations

12″ x 12″

5″ x 35″

6″ x 27″

7″ x 22″

8″ x 32″

LNL – Long Narrow Lite

24″ x 24″

HG – Half Glass

FG – Full Glass

FG2 – Full Glass 2 (2 Lites w/ Integral Rail)

The above drawings are based on 3’0″ x 7’0″ doors. Placement of all vision lites (except for 12″ x 12″) meet ADA Accessibility Guidelines.

Order size equal to cutout size – Glass size is 1″ under, Visible glass is 2″ under

Custom elevations available upon request.

Vision lite kits sold separately.

Clear Tempered Glass

Heat-treated clear safety glass that breaks into small particles. For use with non fire-rated doors.

  • CAT II Impact-Rated (Safety Glass)
  • Light Transmission: 86%
  • Fire-Rating: None
  • Thickness: 1/4″

Pyran® Platinum F Fire-Rated Glass

UL labeled (fire-rated), clear ceramic glass, with surface applied heavy duty safety film. Free of amber tint.

  • CAT II Impact-Rated
  • Safety film applied to one side
  • Light Transmission: 80%
  • Fire-Rating: 20 to 180 minutes
  • Thickness: 3/16″

Protect3 Fire-Rated Wire Glass

UL labeled (fire-rated) glass w/ embedded wire mesh and surface applied heavy duty safety film.

  • CAT II Impact-Rated
  • Safety film applied to one side
  • Light Transmission: 86%
  • Fire-Rating: 20 to 90 minutes
  • Thickness: 1/4″

Insulated Glass

Two Panes of tempered glass with a metal spacer in a sealed insulated glass unit.

  • Clear intumescent inter-layer
  • Light Transmission: 84%
  • Fire-Rating: None
  • Pane Thickness: 3/16″ or 1/4″
  • Overall Thickness: 1″

The use of glazing tape on both sides of all glass types is recommended to minimize breakage. Glazing tape is required on fire-rated glass.