Falcon C953 (SFIC) Small Format Interchangeable Core Rim Cylinder Housing – Less Core

Usually Ships: 1-2 Days
  • Accepts 6 or 7 Pin Core (core by others)
  • Includes Horizontal Tailpiece
  • Includes Collar, Back Plate and 12-24 Break-Off Screws

Available Options:


Compatible with most exit device trim or devices requiring rim cylinders, including the following:

  • Von Duprin Trim: 110NL, 210NL, 230NL, 996L, 990NL, 990TP
  • Von Duprin Devices: 2670
  • Falcon Trim: 218NL, 240NL
  • Detex Devices/Trim: ECL-230D, ECL-230D-PH, 03P, 90KR Mullion
  • Design Hardware Trim: 2P-03NL, DFP-03NL
  • Ives Trim: VR910-NL
  • Yale Trim: 626F

Can be used with other brands.

Interchangeable core (I/C) offers maximum flexibility to the building owner. Whenever a key is lost or stolen, locks can be rekeyed quickly by non-locksmith personnel. All it takes is the special “control” key. This key is used to remove and install all cores in the system. Just go to the door, remove the old core and install the new one with the control key. Security is regained in seconds!

Falcon’s interchangeable cores and I/C locksets are compatible with other small format interchangeable core (SFIC) products, such as Best and Arrow.

  • Horizontal tailpiece standard
  • May be changed to vertical orientation in the field
  • Furnished with collar, back plate and 12-24 break-off screws


605 Bright Brass, 606 Satin Brass, 613 Oil Rubbed Bronze, 626 Satin Chrome, 630 Stainless Steel


Accepts 6 or 7 Pin Core (core by others)

Cylinder Type

Interchangeable Core Housing, Rim Cylinder

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