We offer an array of commercial door hinges including butt hinges, continuous hinges (Roton), spring hinges, electric transfer hinges, hospital tip hinges, invisible hinges, swing clear hinges, double acting hinges and more. Hinges are offered in a wide variety of types, sizes and finishes.

We only stock architectural finish hinges in the plated steel variety, to satisfy fire-rating requirements. Stainless steel is typically used for exterior outswing applications, due to its excellent rust and corrosion resistance. Prime coat hinges can be used for exterior openings if budget is a concern. It is recommended that a top coat of paint be applied to USP hinges. Continuous hinges available in anodized aluminum and anodized dark bronze finishes.

US3 Bright Brass

632 Plated Steel, 605 Polished Brass

US4 Satin Brass

633 Plated Steel, 606 Plated Brass


US10 Satin Bronze

639 Plated Steel, 612 Plated Brass


US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze

640 Plated Steel, 613 Plated Brass


US15 Satin Nickel

646 Plated Steel, 619 Plated Brass


US26 Bright Chrome

651 Plated Steel, 625 Plated Brass


US26D Satin Chrome

652 Plated Steel, 626 Plated Brass


US32D Satin Stainless Steel

630 Stainless Steel


SPBLK Flat Black

693 Painted Steel


USP Prime Coat

600 Painted Steel