Air Louvers VSL Slimline Vision Lite Kit PAK with 1/4″ Clear TEMP20, 20 Minute Fire-Rated Tempered Safety Glass

Usually Ships: 3-5 Days
  • Complete Lite Kit = Frame, Glass & Glazing Tape
  • Includes TEMP20 (tempered 20-minute fire-protective glass)
  • For 1-3/4″ thick fire-rated metal or wood doors

Available Options:

  • Black (BK)
  • Gray (G)
  • Mineral Bronze (B)
  • White (W)

Low Profile Lite Kit for 1-3/4″ Thick 20 Minute Fire Doors with TEMP20 Glass and Glazing Tape

  • Order size equal to cutout size – Glass size is 1″ under, Visible glass is 2″ under
  • Includes TEMP20 – a clear fire-rated and impact-safety-rated tempered glass for 20-minute fire doors
  • Closed-cell glazing tape included with every kit
  • Frame is embossed with UL Label
  • Glass is permanently etched with fire and impact safety classification
  • Certified by QAI to ANSI/UL10B, ANSI/UL10C
  • This glass is cut to size then heat treated (tempered) to achieve its safety rating properties
  • 1-1/4″ trim with radius corners, mitered and welded
  • Continuous glass retainer, countersunk mounting holes in the bevel on the non-corridor side.

Classified and labeled by QAI Laboratories. All fire tests performed in accordance with UL 10C (positive pressure, without hose stream) NFPA 252, NFPA 80. All listing information is subject to change.

Note: Per NFPA 80 (National Fire Protection Association), field cutting of doors for vision panels or enlarging existing cutouts for vision panels are considered to be a field modification that is NOT allowed.

Call 1-844-TRUDOOR (844-878-3667) for custom sizes and info on volume discounts

All lite kits are carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery. Due to the weight and/or fragile nature of this product, a handling/package fee will be added upon checkout. The fee varies depending on the shipping destination. See our shipping info page for more details.


Order Size

6" x 27", 8" x 32", 12" x 12", 24" x 30", 24" x 32", 24" x 36", 24" x 60", 24" x 64"


Black, Gray, Mineral Bronze, White

Glass Type


Glass Thickness


Glass Weight

3.0 lbs/ft

Glass Light Transmission

Approx. 86%

Glass Appearance


Glass Impact Safety Rating

ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 CAT II

Glass Fire-Rating

20 Minutes – Certified by QAI Laboratories

Frame Fire-Rating

3 Hour – Tested and Listed for UL 10C and Criteria of UBC 7-2 Positive Pressure – WHI Listed

Frame Profile


Frame Construction

20 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel

Frame Fasteners

#8 x 1" Flathead Phillips SMS – Included

Door Thickness


Part Number


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