Norton 8501DA Door Closer with Delayed Action

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  • ANSI/BHMA A156.4 Grade 1 Certified
  • With delayed action, non-handed
  • Allows slow-moving traffic to clear before the normal closing cycle begins

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Norton 8501DA Grade 1 Tri Mount Door Closer, Push or Pull Side, Adjustable Size 1 to 6, Delayed Action, Plastic Cover

Adjustable Delayed Action Closing

An optional hydraulic feature that adds a third speed range to the closing cycle. This feature becomes effective when the door is opened and released at any point beyond 70°. The amount of time delay depends upon the combination of the angle of door release and valve adjustment.

Pressure Relief Safety Valve

The delayed action hydraulic system contains a pressure relief valve. Any time the door is forced toward the closed direction while it is in the closing cycle, the valve will open and permit the door to close. This prevents damage to door, frame, and closer

Suggested Applications

Delayed Action closing allows slow-moving traffic to clear the opening before the door closer’s normal closing cycle begins. This feature can be helpful in health care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. It provides sufficient time for persons on crutches or in wheelchairs to pass through a door without concern of it closing. At the same time, it can accommodate the facility’s staff with movement of food service carts, beds, and other wheeled traffic. Use of delayed action closers on many doors throughout industrial and commercial buildings can also assist the flow of traffic. Locations, where additional time to clear the opening is advantageous, are doors between office and factory/warehouse facilities, doors to workshops or laboratories, to kitchen and food processing areas, etc

  • Exceeds 15 million cycles (witnessed and verified by UL)
  • Adjustable spring sizes 1 through 6
  • Tri-Style® packaging standard (regular arm, top jamb and parallel arm mounting)
  • Non-handed
  • Staked valves
  • Cast aluminum body


689 Aluminum, 690 Statuary Bronze, 691 Light Bronze, 696 Brass, BSP Black Suede Powder Coat

Templating (Hole Pattern)

3/4" x 12"


Medium Duty

Mounting Options

Parallel Arm (Push Side), Regular (Pull Side), Top Jamb (Push Side)

Body Construction

Cast Aluminum Body

Spring Size

Adjustable Spring Size 1-6

Door Applications

Hollow Metal, Wood or Aluminum



ANSI/BHMA Standard

ANSI/BHMA A156.4, Grade 1 certified

Fire Rating

UL Listed – UL10c compliant for positive pressure


Full Cover

Norton 8000 Series Tri-Style Door Closer Installation Instructions

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Norton 8501DA Door Closer with Delayed Action