Top Selling Locks

  • Schlage-ALX10-SAT-626-Passage-Lever

    Schlage - ALX10 SAT (Saturn) Passage Lever

    Starting at: $121.74
    Usage: Medium Duty
  • schlage-alx-kil-SAT-626-lever-lock

    Schlage - ALX53P SAT (Saturn) Entrance Lever Lock

    Starting at: $173.38
    Usage: Medium Duty
  • Yale-AU-NTB612-NR-626

    Yale - AU-NTB612-NR nexTouch Push Button Keypad Cylindrical Lock, Augusta Lever

    Usage: Heavy Duty
  • trudoor-cl2-82-us26d-entry-lever-lock

    Trudoor - CL2-82 Entry Lever Lock

    Starting at: $59.74
    Usage: Medium Duty
  • Schlage - B571 One-Sided Deadbolt with Occupancy Indicator

    Starting at: $50.49
    Usage: Medium Duty
  • Yale - 4707LN AU Entry Lever Lockset

    Usage: Heavy Duty
  • Yale-AU-4600LN-626-Commercial-Lever-Lock

    Yale - 4607LN AU Entry Lever Lockset

    Starting at: $53.11
    Usage: Medium Duty
  • schlage-nd53pd-rho-626

    Schlage - ND53PD RHO (Rhodes) Entrance Lever Lock

    Starting at: $478.17
    Usage: Heavy Duty

Locks for commercial doors from the most trusted brands in America

We offer a full line of commercial locksets in all different types of functions and finishes. Commercial locks can be used for a variety of exterior and interior commercial, industrial, institutional and heavy-duty residential security doors of all types – metal and wood doors. Brands include Schlage, Falcon, Best, Sargent, Corbin Russwin, and Yale. See our lock buying guide for help choosing the best lock for your application


There are over 20 lock functions, including many specialty functions such as Intruder Classroom, Dormitory, Asylum / Institutional, Hotel / Motel and Communicating. Below are the most common functions: Passage, Privacy, Entrance/Entry, Classroom and Storeroom.