NGP (National Guard) HP90-CYL Cylindrical Hardware Prep Filler


Usually Ships: 3-5 Business Days
  • Used to fill cylindrical lock preps
  • Certified on hollow metal and wood fire-rated doors
  • Full kit includes panels, fillers, screws, and caulk

NGP HP90-CYL Cylindrical Lock Prep Filler Kit

UL Certified Solution for Fire Doors When Either Removing Existing Hardware and/or Using a New Hardware Type Over Existing Hardware Preps

  • Application Certified on Both Hollow Metal and Wood Fire-Rated Doors – up to 90-Minute
  • Certified for Filling Cylindrical Lockset Cavities
  • Edge Plate Finish: Primer Gray, Powder Coat


  • Fire-Rated Panels: HP90 – 2.0, HP90 – 1.0, HP90 – 0.5
  • Steel Filler Plates: (Powder Coated Primer Gray, Embossed With UL Mark) – HP90-RDCP, Filler Plate – HP90-CEF1000, Edge Filler Plate – HP90-SF2750, Strike Filler Plate – HP90-SF4875, Strike Filler Plate
  • Hardware Pack: – #10-32 x 1 3/4″ FHPH SS Machine Screw – #8 x 3/4″ FHPH SS Combo Screw – #12 x 1″ FHPH SS Combo Screw – #8 x ¾” FHPH SS SMS – #12 x 1″ FHPH SS SMS
  • GapGuard™ Fire Caulk (see installation instructions)

SPECIAL NOTES: 90-minute rated UL Certified Miscellaneous Fire Door Accessory on UL10B and UL10C wood or hollow metal fire doors. To retain UL Certification, the HP90-CYL must be installed using GapGuard™ Fire Caulk.



Gray Primed

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NGP (National Guard) HP90-CYL Cylindrical Hardware Prep Filler