Falcon 4023/F4023 Steel Removable Mullion for 19/20/24/25 Series Rim Devices

Usually Ships: 2-3 Days
  • Used to adapt a double door into two single doors
  • For use with rim devices (19R, 20R, 24R, 25R)
  • 86″ Length – Mullions can be cut down in field

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4023 steel mullions are for use with Falcon rim devices on double door openings

  • 4023 for use with non-fire-rated devices
  • F-4023 for use with fire-rated exit devices 
  • Increased security and tighter closure
  • Minimizes door warpage and sag. Regulates the flow of in-and-out traffic
  • Falcon removable mullions are easily removed and reinstalled for full-width access
  • Rim devices are used on both leaves, attaining a perfectly symmetrical opening
  • The mullion assembly consists of a mullion, top and bottom mounting brackets and a screw pack
  • Mullions may be cut on the job for doors under stock lengths


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689 Aluminum

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