Embossed Metal Doors… The perfect hotel entry door

We recently completed a job at a motel in Mesa, Arizona, where we supplied and installed all of the guest room entry doors and frames. After a change in ownership and re-branding to a Studio 6 Extended Stay Hotel, the property was completely renovated. The new owner wanted to replace the old doors with something aesthetically pleasing, would stand the test of time, provide security and peace of mind for guests, and most importantly not break their budget. Following our recommendation, they chose the Embossed 6-Panel Commercial Hollow Metal Door. The 6-panel design is perfect for applications that require a more traditional looking door, without sacrificing the durability of a standard commercial metal security door. Furthermore, Metal Doors can withstand more abuse, are more sanitary, and easier to clean and maintain than wood doors. For these reasons, we think that the 6-Panel Metal Door makes for the perfect hotel or motel guest room entry door.