6-Panel Metal Doors

6-Panel Commercial Metal Door

6-Panel Embossed Hollow Metal Door

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The 6-panel design is perfect for applications that require a more traditional looking door, without sacrificing the durability of a standard commercial metal security door. Our heavy duty 6-panel steel door is an ideal solution for condominium, apartment, hotel and motel entry doors and high-end residential buildings.

  • Heavy Duty 18 Gauge Steel
  • Insulated Polystyrene Core (Energy Efficient)
  • Ideal for Exterior and Interior Applications
  • Available in 3'0" Widths Only, Heights up to 8'0"
  • ADA Compliant - 10 inch Minimum Bottom Rail
  • Heavy Duty 18 Gauge Steel
  • Full Body Insulated Polystyrene Core
  • 1-3/4" Thickness Only
  • Non-Handed Design; Reversible Hinge Plates
  • Prime Painted Gray; Factory Applied, Baked On (No Special Color Options) - Not intended to be a finish coat. It is recommended that finish paint (top coat) be applied after installation
  • Standard Lock Preparations Include 161, 161 DL, Fed 86 Edge
  • WHI / ITS up to 3 hour, Positive Pressure and “S” Smoke included
  • STC Rated 28
  • R value 5.24
  • Meets or Exceeds Standards for ANSI 250.4 and ANSI 250.8