Zero 8144S-BK Silicone Self-Adhesive Batwing Type Weatherstripping – Black

Usually Ships: 2-3 Days
  • Equipped with 3M self-adhesive tape
  • Air Infiltration and Sound Tested
  • Fire-Rated and Smoke Tested

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The Zero 8144S is commonly referred to as a “Bat-Wing” seal because of the profile of this product with a design feature of two sealing wings coming into contact with both sides of the corner of the door when it is in a fully closed position. This seal is discreetly fixed into the corner of the rebated stop around the frame of the door using the uncompromising adhesive properties of leading 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive (3M PSA). Providing long-lasting adhesion to the door frame ensuring high performance. It is formed out of high-quality silicone, with long-lasting memory form to ensure that it keeps its shape for years to come.

  • Fire-rated – UL10C
  • Smoke tested – UL1784
  • Smoke and draft control tested
  • Air infiltration tested
  • Sound tested



Roll Length

17' Roll, 25' Roll

Fire Rating

Fire rated-UL10c

Gasket Type


Insert/Seal Type