Zero 367AA Heavy-Duty Surface Mounted Automatic Door Bottom

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  • Surface-mounted
  • Double neoprene seals
  • Fire-rated and sound tested

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The patented automatic door bottom technology from Zero ensures an efficient seal against the floor or saddle. As the door is closed, the adjustable plunger is compressed against the door frame, activating a concealed flat spring mechanism. This mechanism drops the seal smoothly from the housing in a scissor-like motion. Zero door bottoms are designed to block penetration by air, sound, smoke, and flames.

  • AA = Anodized aluminum
  • Double neoprene seals
  • Fire-rated UL10C
  • Sound rated for acoustic door systems


36", 42", 48"


Clear Anodized Aluminum

Fire Rating

Fire Rated – UL10C – Positive Pressure