Yale 2110/2110F Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device

Usually Ships: 2-3 Days
  • Medium Duty-Grade-1 – ANSI/BHMA Certified
  • Up to 7’0″ door height (extension top rod available)
  • Exit Only (outside trim sold separately)

Available Options:


The 2110(F) is a surface vertical rod exit device to be used on metal, wood, or composite pairs of doors where two-point latching is desired.

  • Exit Only (Yale Exit Device Trim Sold Separately)
  • Non-handed for easy installation
  • Designed for wide stile doors
  • Positive action linkage on a deadlocking top Pullman bolt
  • Simultaneous direct pull bottom deadbolt
  • When unlatched, device keeps both bolts retracted until door is shut

UL/cUL Listed:

  • FVSR/FVSR7 – Panic hardware
  • GXHX/GXHX7 – Fire exit hardware (F) (up to 4′ x 8′ single, 8′ x 8′ pairs, 3 hr.)


630 Stainless Steel, 689 Aluminum

ANSI/BHMA Standard

Certified ANSI/BHMA A156.3, Grade 1


Medium Duty

Stile Type

Wide (Standard)

Door Width Range

36" Device: 30" to 36" – 48" Device: 42" to 48"

Door Height

Up to 7'0" Standard (extension top rod for 8'0" doors optional)

Fire Rating

2110: Non-Rated – 2110F: Fire-Rated up to 3 Hours


Non Handed – Completely Reversible

Minimum Stile Width



2-1/2" active, 1-3/4" dogged


Top: Roller type 791. Bottom: Flush mounted 790

Dogging Feature

Hex key dogging standard on non-fired-rated devices


Machine screws and wood door fasteners standard for panic hardware. Sex nuts and bolts supplied standard for fire exit hardware

Door Applications

1-3/4" Metal, wood or composite doors

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