Trine LC-100 Line Conditioner


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  • External line conditioner module
  • Regulates input voltages and provides surge protection
  • Has six wire terminals and are color-coded

Trine LC-100 Line Conditioner, 11-28VAC/DC, Regulates Input Voltages and Provides Surge Protection

The LC100 is an external line conditioner module that regulates input voltages and provides inductive kickback and surge protection. The LC100 has six wire terminals and are color-coded as follows:

  • White-White Pair: This is the Power input terminal. You can apply 10.8v – 28v AC/DC to this pair.
  • Black-Red Pair: This is the output terminal. The black is negative output and the red is the positive output.
    • The output voltage is 9.5V DC for approx.. 2.5 seconds. After that the voltage output drops to 5.5V DC as long as the LC100 is powered.
    • The electric strike leads arenot polarity sensitive so you can hook up the wires in any order.
  • Blue-Brown Pair: This is an auxiliary power that can be used for a buzzer or indicator light. Brown is Positive, Blue is negative.
    • When the LC100 is powered, this pair outputs 6VDC at 40mA max current.
    • If you are not using this feature, it is best to cut the ends off so the wires don’t short.

Part Type

Electric Strike Accessory

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Trine LC-100 Line Conditioner