Securitron DPA Door Prop Alarm

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  • Designed to detect and deter a door from being left propped open
  • Digital time settings from 30 to 240 seconds
  • Comes with Piezo sounder and LED

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Securitron DPA Door Prop Alarm

The DPA complements door position/door state detection with timed logic and relays that provide escalating alerts when a door is held, propped or unsecure after a defined time period.

This unit promotes safety and loss prevention at ancillary exits for healthcare, commercial, and retail facilities.


  • Multi-functional control timer provides relay action for alarms and alerts
  • Monitors whether a door remains open after a defined time frame
  • Includes three SPDT outputs providing local and remote signaling
  • Digital time settings from 30 to 240 seconds
  • Detects attempts to tamper with lock or door status
  • Multiple time ranges for escalating alerts
  • Bypass mode for valid access/egress needs
  • Comes with Piezo sounder and LED
  • MagnaCare® lifetime replacement, no-fault, no questions asked warranty


  • Max draw 100 mA at 12 VDC
  • Max draw 50 mA at 24 VDC
  • 5 A SPDT Relays


  • Operating Temperature: 32˚ to 120˚ F [0˚ to 49˚ C]

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Boards & Modules

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Securitron DPA Door Prop Alarm