Schlage 20-022-S123 Rim Cylinder, S123 Keyway

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  • For use with exit device trim
  • Keyed rim cylinder – includes 2 keys (S123 keyway)
  • Includes horizontal tailpiece, collar, mounting screws and back plate

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Schlage 20-022 S123 Rim Cylinder, 6-pin, S123 Keyway, Keyed Different, Horizontal Tailpiece Cam, 2 Keys

The Schlage 20-022-S123 is a conventional (standard) Rim Cylinder for use with exit devices, exit device trim, and alarmed hardware.

Compatible with most exit device trim or devices requiring rim cylinders, including the following:

  • Von Duprin Trim: 110NL, 210NL, 230NL, 996L, 990NL, 990TP
  • Von Duprin Devices: 2670
  • Falcon Trim: 218NL, 240NL
  • Ives Trim: VR910-NL


605 Bright Brass, 606 Satin Brass, 612 Satin Bronze, 613 Oil Rubbed Bronze, 619 Satin Nickel, 622 Matte Black, 625 Bright Chrome, 626 Satin Chrome, 630 Satin Stainless Steel


Schlage S123 Keyway

Cylinder Type

Rim Cylinder

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Schlage 20-022-S123 Rim Cylinder, S123 Keyway