Best Precision Arm-A-Dor A101-002 Maximum Security Exit Device with Alarm


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  • Maximum security exit device
  • Automatic lock assembly with alarm (cylinder sold separately)
  • For 3ft to 4ft door widths, up to 6-3/4″ jamb depth

Arm-A-Dor A101-002 Maximum Security Exit Device

The ultimate safety and security solution for exit doors: Keep occupants and inventory safe with Arm-A-Dor—PRECISION’s maximum security exit-only device. With enhanced durability features, a built-in alarm, and easy-to-operate design, Arm-A-Dor delivers maximum protection against forced entry, internal theft, and emergencies. Even in the most demanding applications, trust Arm-A-Dor for secured door applications.

With so much depending on the security of a building’s rear exit, business owners simply cannot afford to install a standard exit device, alarm, or deadbolt to the rear-entry door. Installed by many of the nation’s largest retailers, the Arm-A-Dor Series is actually three products in one:

  • Locking bar protection for security from the outside
  • Built-in alarm to protect against inside theft – Requires standard 1-1/8” mortise cylinder (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Panic device
  • Enhanced security. Four-point thru-bolt mounting offers greater security and protection against forced entry. An integrated, audible alarm ensures that the door will only be used in an emergency.
  • Superior safety. Large print, simple emergency exit instructions in English and Spanish, and a wide push bar surface make operation easy, even in the event of an emergency.
  • Rugged design. Two-point solid steel deadbolt latching provides a locking bar that extends onto the door frame rather than a traditional latch and strike, offering greater protection against intrusion and withstanding greater
    use and abuse.
  • Environmental durability. Constructed for weather and water resistance, Arm-A-Dor performs even in extreme conditions.
  • Easy installation. Pre-assembled for 3’-4’ doors, designed non-handed, and mounted to the door via four thru-bolts, Arm-A-Dor is simple to install and retrofit.





US28 (628) Anodized Aluminum

ADA Compliance

Meets ADA requirements – A117.1 Accessibility Code

Fire Rating


Door Width

36" to 48"

Frame Jamb Depth

For frames up to 6-3/4" jamb depth


5 Year

Buy American Act Compliance

Meets Buy Amercian Act – Made in USA

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Best Precision Arm-A-Dor A101-002 Maximum Security Exit Device with Alarm