Pemko 346WSP Overhead Rain Drip Guard, White Suede Powder Coat

Usually Ships: 20-30 Business Days
  • Overhead Rain Drip – Attach to Top of Door Frame
  • Should be ordered with a minimum of 4″ longer than door width
  • #6 x 5/8″ sheet metal screws provided

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Pemko 346WSP Rain Drip Projection Strip, White Suede Powder Coat Aluminum

The 346 Series Rain Drip Projection Strip is a fire-rated weatherstrip made of high-quality aluminum. It effectively deflects water from the gaps at the top or bottom of doors, preventing seepage.

Designed to be installed on the frame over the door.

346WSP: WSP – White Suede Powder Coat Aluminum

  • WIDTH: 2-1/2” (63.5 mm)
  • HEIGHT: 5/8” (15.9 mm)


  •  Fire Rated – UL10C – Positive Pressure
  •  Underwriters Laboratory 4L10


WSP White Suede Powder Coat


40", 52", 76"

Fire Rating

Fire Rated – UL10C – Positive Pressure

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Pemko 346WSP Overhead Rain Drip Guard, White Suede Powder Coat