LCN 6440 COMPACT Low Energy Auto Operator Module Kit (Conversion Kit Only)

Usually Ships: 1-2 Business Days
  • Conversion kit only
  • For existing 4040XP Series closer cylinder
  • For doors up to 185 lbs.

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LCN 6440 COMPACT Low Energy Auto Operator Module Kit (Conversion Kit Only), Gearmotor Assembly, Mounting Plate and Screws, Plastic Cover, Power Supply, Door Loop, 30′ Copper Wire

A simpler solution for touchless access and accessible operation

The LCN 6400 COMPACT™ Series low-energy operator is a simple and cost-effective solution that enables facilities to automate more openings for touchless access and accessible operation. The modular design is unique and allows the reuse of an existing LCN 4040XP Series mechanical closer. The electrified module connects with a mounting plate and just four screws and drives open the mechanical closer. The simplicity of this solution reduces the cost, labor, and complexity required to automate an opening.

  • 24V input for safe door-mount applications
  • Compatible with 3 different 4040XP mounting configurations
  • Motor gear box mounts directly onto standard 4040XP Series mechanical closer with just 4 screws
  • Configurable power input to allow for simple wall plug-in or external power supply
  • Compact user interface for electronic feature adjustments
  • Adjustments via mechanical closer to meet closing force preferences
  • Certified to UL 10C, UL 325 and UL 228
  • Certified to ANSI Standard A156.19
  • Compliant with ANSI Standard A117.1

Components Included

  • Gearmotor assembly, mounting plate, and screws
  • Cover and switch insert
  • Wall adapter
  • Door loop
  • 30 ft of copper wire


  • Interior openings only
  • Existing 4040XP Series Closer cylinders, including delayed action, with standard non-hold open arms
  • REG or RwPA arm only
  • Any hardwired actuator
  • Any RF receiver and actuator/transmitter in the LCN 8310 Series


689 Aluminum, 695 Dark Bronze

Input voltage

24 VDC (2A to operate)

On-Board Power Supply

24VDC (75mA to power RF receiver)

ANSI/BHMA Standard

ANSI/BHMA A156.19 certified

ADA Compliance

Meets ADA requirements – A117.1 Accessibility Code


Medium Duty


Surface Mount – Pull Side, Surface Mount – Push Side



Door Weight

up to 185 lbs.

Door Application

Interior metal and wood doors

Header Dimensions

12 1⁄4" W x 7 1⁄4" H x 3 3⁄4" D

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LCN 6440 COMPACT Low Energy Auto Operator Module Kit (Conversion Kit Only)