Ives 8400 Series Kick Plate – BLK Black Stainless Steel

Usually Ships: 10-20 Days
  • .050″ thick Black Stainless Steel
  • Mounting screw pack included
  • Beveled edges and countersunk mounting holes

Available Options:


Ives kick plates are designed for superior performance in residential and commercial applications. The plates are the choice solution to ensure that the door it protects holds up, ultimately minimizing labor and upkeep costs.

  • Protect the bottom of the push side of doors subject to scuffing from foot traffic
  • Recommended for all doors subject to normal use (especially doors using a closer)
  • Long-lasting plates for interior and exterior applications
  • All plates come standard with four beveled edges and countersunk mounting holes
  • Mounting hardware exceeds industry standards

NFPA 80 STANDARDS – 2-4.5 Protection Plates: Factory-installed protection plates shall be installed in accordance with the listing of the door. Field-installed protection plates shall be labeled and installed in accordance with their listing.

Exception: Labeling is not required where the top of the protection plate is not more than 16 in. (406 mm) above the bottom of the door.





#6 X 5/8 oval head screws


Stainless Steel

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