Ives 705 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Full Mortise, Full Wrap Pin and Barrel Continuous Hinge

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  • Full wrap edge guard
  • 83″ or 95″ length, 48″ maximum door width
  • UL Listed – Fire-rated

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Steel pin and barrel continuous hinges share many of the same characteristics of a traditional hinge. Both have a center pin and rolled knuckles, but a steel pin and barrel continuous hinge stretches along the entire length of the frame. The unique design distributes the weight of the door along the entire length of the frame, reducing the high amount of stress normally associated at top of the door and frame on butt hinge applications. Not only does this reduce hinge failure, but it also keeps the door in constant alignment, eliminating door sag. These characteristics make continuous hinges suitable for high-use and high-traffic doors.

Full Wrap: hinge is mounted on the door stile’s side, completely wrapping around it, and the inside of the frame side jamb. Only the pin, barrel, and a small portion of the hinge is visible when the door is closed.

  • Full wrap edge guard
  • Adjustable for undersized and out of square doors
  • 1/4″ diameter pin with nylon self-lubricating, medical-grade split bearing
  • For doors weighing up to 300 pounds without reinforcing. 600 pounds with reinforcing
  • Flush mounted, no inset
  • 48″ Maximum door width
  • Bevel or square edge door


630 Stainless Steel


83" (for 7'0" door), 95" (for 8'0" door)

Continuous Hinge Type

Full Mortise (Concealed)

ANSI/BHMA Standard

Meets ANSI 156.26


Heavy Duty

Fire Rating

UL Listed – Tested and approved UL 10C