Falcon 985-6pin-Schlage C Kwy 1-1/8″ Mortise Cylinder for Gala/Sectional Trim


Usually Ships: 2-3 Days
  • For use w/ Falcon MA Mortise Locks (Gala/Sectional Trim)
  • Includes F1 5622 Cam
  • 626 Satin Chrome Finish

For Falcon MA Series mortise locks with Gala/Sectional trim including the following models:

MA371, MA411, MA431, MA441, MA451, MA521, MA531, MA541, MA551, MA561, MA571, MA581, MA621, MA641, MA851, MA881, MA911, MA921, MA931, MA941



Satin Chrome


Schlage C Keyway

Cylinder Type

Mortise Cylinder

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