Falcon C987-MA (SFIC) Small Format Interchangeable Core Mortise Cylinder Housing for MA Lock – Less Core


Usually Ships: 1-2 Days
  • Includes F2 5622-IC Cam – Less Core
  • For use with MA Series Mortise Locks
  • Accepts 6 or 7 Pin Core (core by others)

Compatible with Falcon MA Series mortise locks including the following models:

MA371, MA411, MA431, MA441, MA451, MA521, MA531, MA541, MA551, MA561, MA571, MA581, MA621, MA641, MA851, MA881, MA911, MA921, MA931, MA941

Interchangeable core (I/C) offers maximum flexibility to the building owner. Whenever a key is lost or stolen, locks can be rekeyed quickly by non-locksmith personnel. All it takes is the special “control” key. This key is used to remove and install all cores in the system. Just go to the door, remove the old core and install the new one with the control key. Security is regained in seconds!

Falcon’s interchangeable cores and I/C locksets are compatible with other small format interchangeable core (SFIC) products, such as Best and Arrow.



626 Satin Chrome


F2 5622-IC Cam

Cylinder Type

Interchangeable Core Housing, Mortise Cylinder

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