Adams Rite 4036-01-01 1″ Mortise Cylinder For MS® Lock and Deadlatches

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  • Includes Adams Rite cam
  • For MS® Lock and Deadlatches
  • 5-Pin, Schlage C keyway (includes 2 keys)

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Adams Rite 4036-01-01_” Mortise Cylinder, 5-Pin, Schlage C Keyway, Adams Rite Cam, Keyed Different, 2 Keys

A standard 1″ [25.4 mm] length, 1-5/32″ [29.4 mm] diameter cylinder with five-pin tumbler security. Designed to operate any Adams Rite deadlock or deadlatch requiring a mortise cylinder. Close tolerance manufacturing achieve set screw grooves and cam geometry that are true on their respective center lines. This ensures proper mating and operation with the locking or latching mechanism. Select cam to suit particular Adams Rite deadlock or deadlatch.

  • For Admas Rite MS® Lock and deadlatches
  • Keyed different


313 Dark Bronze Anodized, 335 Black Anodized, 628 Anodized Aluminum

Cylinder Type

Mortise Cylinder


Schlage C Keyway

Cylinder Length



Adams Rite

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Adams Rite 4036-01-01 1″ Mortise Cylinder For MS® Lock and Deadlatches