Schlage 23-030 FSIC Full Size Interchangeable (Removable) Core

Usually Ships: 2-3 Days
  • For use with Schlage FSIC/LFIC locks
  • Furnished 1-bitted with two (2) operating key blanks
  • Control key not included (sold separately)

Available Options:

  • Black
  • Satin Brass
  • Satin Chrome

IC cylinders are designed to be replaced without disassembling the lock making them ideal for larger campuses or higher security needs. Interchangeable core users can enjoy the convenience of fast rekeying without having to disassemble the lock. This feature is very useful in applications where a high frequency of core changes are needed or a lock disassembly is labor-intensive such as with exit devices and certain types of all-glass doors, etc.

  • Fits Schlage locks and cylinder housing prepped for FSIC (full size interchangeable core) or LFIC (large format interchangeable core)
  • Fits Kaba/Simplex push-button locks with “S” prep
  • Supplied 1-bitted, ready to be keyed
  • No control key is included (must be ordered separately – see the links below)
  • Contact us for special keying requirements (cores can be keyed with control keys, for additional charges)

Control Keys (must be purchased separately)


  • 626 Satin Chrome (typically used with locks and cylinder housing in 619, 625, 626, 626AM, 630, 630AM finishes)
  • 606 Satin Brass (typically used with locks and cylinder housing in 605, 606, 609, 612, 613, 643e finishes)
  • 622 Flat Black Coated (typically used with locks and cylinder housing in 622 finishes)


Schlage C Keyway, Schlage E Keyway, Schlage CE Keyway, Schlage F Keyway, Schlage EF Keyway, Schlage G Keyway, Schlage FG keyway, Schlage C123 Keyway, Schlage C145 Keyway, Schlage S123 Keyway


606 Satin Brass, 622 Matte Black, 626 Satin Chrome

Cylinder Type

Interchangeable Core

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