Ives 8400 Series Kick Plate – US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze

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  • .050″ thick – US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Mounting screw pack included
  • Meets ANSI A156.06, Grade 1

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Ives 8400 Kick Plate, Four Beveled Edges, Countersunk Holes, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Ives kick plates are designed for superior performance in residential and commercial applications. The plates are the choice solution to ensure that the door it protects holds up, ultimately minimizing labor and upkeep costs.

  • Long-lasting plates for interior and exterior applications
  • All plates come standard with four beveled edges and countersunk mounting holes
  • Mounting hardware exceeds industry standards

Note: US10B is a beautiful oiled, living finish. By definition, a “living finish” means that this finish will change over time with weather, usage, and the use of chemicals for cleaning purposes. It is not unusual for plates to come out of the packaging streaked. In some cases, US10B plates may need to have the finish smoothed over after installation by wiping lightly across the surface with a dry cotton cloth or with a cloth that is dampened with a small amount of 3 in 1 oil. WD-40, motor oil, or silicone spray oils are not viable substitutes. The beautiful character of US10B develops over usage and time. After some time, the base metal will begin to glimmer and show through the surface. This finish is meant to be inconsistent and is intended to age over time which adds to the antique look of this finish. If you are expecting a painted or plated surface that will stay the same over time, alternate finishes may be more suitable for your application.

This product is non-returnable or refundable.



Oil Rubbed Bronze

ANSI Grade

Meets ANSI A156.06, Grade 1



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Ives 8400 Series Kick Plate – US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze