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Yes! We supply contractors, building owners, the handyman and general public with high-quality commercial doors, frames and hardware at wholesale prices.


Use our Interactive Quote Builder to configure your request or call us at 844-878-3667


We’ll email or fax you a written quote, shortly after we receive your request.


Submit payment through our secure payment gateway or via telephone.


Material is crated and safely delivered, directly to your job site or can be picked up at our Phoenix warehouse.

Use our Interactive Quote Builder to configure your request. For custom requests and large quantities, email us at sales@trudoor.com or call us Toll Free at 1-844-TRUDOOR (844-878-3667)

We do not have a minimum order policy. We do offer volume based discounts and free shipping for large orders.

Trudoor is national door distributor based in Phoenix, Arizona. We ship to all 50 states in the USA! We have one single location, at which we stock a large inventory of doors, frames and hardware. Almost all orders are shipped from our Phoenix warehouse. Occasionally we may have products shipped to you directly from a manufacturer, but we’re not going to boast about all of the distribution centers that we have around the country, like some other door suppliers. Our methods enable complete control of inventory, more accurate lead times, better packaging of orders and better overall customer service. Our Phoenix location features a showroom and retail sales counter, open to the public.

Our Phoenix warehouse also features a full hollow metal shop, where we fabricate doors and frames. Trudoor is an authorized WHI fire-labeled shop (Warnock Hersey / Intertek), enabling us to modify, re-certify and label fire-rated doors and frames. Our facility undergoes routine inspections to verify that modifications are done in compliance with the requirements of the Intertek specification listings.

Payment is due in full upon placement of all orders to be shipped outside the State of Arizona and for first time customers. At the sole discretion of Trudoor, we may allow a 50% deposit on orders requiring significant or lengthy production, with the remaining balance due prior to shipment. Credit may be extended at the sole discretion of Trudoor LLC. If a charge account has been established, purchase orders must be furnished to process orders. Please see our terms and conditions for more info.

Most standard or non-custom doors have a lead time of 5-15 working days, order to delivery. Many items, such as hardware, vision lite kits, louvers and stock doors without modifications, can be shipped within 1-3 days – or same day pickup at our Phoenix warehouse. Due to the complexity and many custom options of our products, lead times can vary from one order to the next. An approximate ship date will be provided to you after your order has been confirmed. Scheduled shipping dates are based on best estimates, but are not guaranteed.

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Our Phoenix warehouse features a large inventory of doors, frames and hardware and we receive daily shipments of new material. Most non-stock hardware items can be delivered to our warehouse in just one day. Non-stock doors can be had in 1-10 days.

Yes, if you come to Arizona. We have a showroom in Phoenix that features a large inventory of doors, frames and hardware.

We do not offer any installation or field services, as Trudoor is only a distributor. Furthermore, we do not have any connections with installers. If you need an installer, we suggest searching for a local licensed contractor.

We do not offer any field surveying or measuring of any kind. However, we do provide measuring worksheets and charts, to assist you in selecting the correct products for your application. Precise measurements are needed to ensure that doors will fit properly. So, if you’re unsure of your measurements, we suggest hiring a professional contractor to assist with measuring.

Heavy duty commercial steel doors are not offered as pre-hung units, as all components are shipped separately. The only type of pre-hung unit that we supply is the preassembled steel door system for metal buildings. You may find “pre-hung” hollow metal door units at big box home improvement centers, but those are usually of lesser quality and lighter gauge steel, than what Trudoor provides.

We do not offer any pre-installation of hardware on doors, aside from the preassembled steel door system for metal buildings.

Absolutely! We fabricate custom doors and frames to fit any size opening. Metal doors are available with hardware prep locations from all major manufacturers or custom hinge and lock placements.

We try our best to fabricate stock material for custom orders, but some orders may require factory ordered material that is made from scratch. Most custom metal doors have a production time of 10-15 working days. Custom prefinished wood doors, custom vision lites and custom louvers may take up to 4 weeks.

We do not provide any painting or special color finishing of metal doors. All hollow metal products are prime painted gray. Furthermore, no unprimed or bare metal products are available. The only finished metal doors that we provide are the preassembled steel door system for metal buildings.

Hollow metal doors and frames are provided with a primer paint finish that is intended as a base for field application of a top (finish) coat of paint. It is recommended that finish paint be applied to the door after installation is completed. Low gloss oil based paints tend to work best, but we recommend that you contact your local paint supplier for top coat recommendations.

Additional information can be found, from the following hollow metal door manufacturer(s) or associations:

Mesker Door – Surface Preparation and Painting

National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers – Painting Hollow Metal Products

Commercial steel doors are typically only required to be fire-rated when inside of a building. Fire-rated doors control the spread of fire and smoke. Most exterior doors do not require fire rating, unless there is the potential for fire exposure from the outside of the building. Many times our customers confuse exit code with fire-rated door codes. Commercial steel doors are often generally referred to as “fire doors”, further complicating things. For these reasons, we decided to omit fire-rated options for exterior doors. If you really need an exterior door that needs to be fire-rated by code, we’d be happy to provide such a door. Keep in mind, that all our non-rated metal doors are made from the same construction as a fire-rated metal door. The only difference being that a label is attached to one and not the other. Selecting a fire-rated door when it’s not required by code only drives up the cost for hardware and glass, as special hardware and glass is required for certain fire-rated applications. Please see our fire-rated metal door page for more info.

Trudoor is an authorized WHI fire-labeled shop (Warnock Hersey / Intertek), but we are not allowed to sell just labels, nor are we certified to install labels at your job site. Material must be labeled in our shop, before it ships.

MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is becoming the standard for paint grade wood doors because of its superior paint ability and low cost. MDF is better than using natural wood for the following reasons:

  • MDF is more stable than natural wood due to its engineered construction, which prevents common wood door problems like warping
  • MDF doors provide a much smoother surface than natural wood, for painting

No, we do not offer custom stain matching. Our prefinished wood doors are available in 4 standard species offerings; Clear + 8 Special Colors.

We do not provide traditional residential doors. However, some of our customers use hollow metal doors for mechanical rooms, safe rooms and garage man doors. Also, fire-rated hollow metal doors are often used in openings between a garage and living area of a home. Metal doors provide a higher level of security that their wood door counterparts and can withstand more abuse.

We do not provide any aluminum storefront doors. Please contact your local glazing or glass contractor for aluminum doors.

We do not provide any overhead or roll up doors of any kind.

It depends on the type of part you need. Most of the products we stock are packaged as a unit, so we are unable to break them up for individual sale.


Most door orders and larger hardware orders are shipped LTL Freight “tail gate delivery” or “back of the truck” via a ground freight carrier, from Trudoor, in Phoenix, AZ. Standard shipping does not include liftgate service, but this service is available for an additional fee, if requested. Doors are palletized and fully crated before shipping. In some cases products may ship directly from the manufacturer(s). All orders shipped outside of the Phoenix, Arizona metro area are subject to a crate fee charge.

We offer FREE delivery in the Phoenix Metro Area. Free Local Delivery = Back of Truck, Dock/Tailgate Delivery (Recipient Responsible for Unloading; Driver Will Not Assist in Unloading).

Smaller orders that do not include doors, such as door hardware or vision lites, are shipped via FedEx, UPS and/or USPS.

Shipping costs vary, depending on several variables such as door type, size, weight and destination. Generally, the cost to ship 1-3 metal or wood doors ranges between $145-$455, depending on where you are located in the country. The cost to ship preassembled metal building doors is slightly higher. All door orders shipped outside of the Phoenix area are subject to a $55 crate fee. Door orders shipped to non-commercial/residential destinations and/or the adding of Lift-gate services are subject to additional fess.

Door orders shipped within the Phoenix metro area, are shipped FREE via Trudoor owned trucks (Back of Truck, Dock/Tailgate Delivery – Recipient Responsible for Unloading; Driver Will Not Assist in Unloading)

Smaller orders not including doors that can be shipped FedEx, UPS or USPS cost significantly less.

Most orders are shipped from our warehouse, in Phoenix, AZ. In some cases products may ship directly from the manufacturer(s).

We ship many orders across the country on a daily basis, so we go to great lengths to ensure your material arrives safely. We take pride in our packaging and crating methods. Door orders are completely encapsulated on pallets to ensure safe delivery. Orders with Lite kits and glass are carefully packaged to prevent breakage. Also, we only work with freight carriers who handle with care.

Door orders are palletized and completely encapsulated with OSB board on fork-liftable pallets to ensure safe delivery.

Though we go to great lengths to ensure that your order arrives safely, sometimes crates/material is damaged in transit.




NOTES: Damage reported within 24 hours has a greater chance of recovery and/or reimbursement.
Surface scratches on metal doors do not constitute damage, as doors are shipped unfinished (primed gray).

Customer must note any freight damage on the receiving tickets or bill of lading and shall be responsible for filling claims with the delivering carrier. Damaged goods must be reported to the driver, noted on the bill of lading and should be reported to support@trudoor.com within 24 hours of the delivery. If the package shows visible damage and you feel that all or most of the material is unusable, we recommend that you refuse the delivery in its entirety.

Yes. Orders can be picked up at our Phoenix warehouse, during normal business hours. Orders picked up in Phoenix are subject to Arizona Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax.

We do not ship orders directly to international destinations, but if the purchaser arranges overseas shipping, we can deliver to any US Port, freight forwarder or storage facility.

Missing or wrong items must be reported within 24 hours of receiving material. To report missing or wrong items, email support@trudoor.com
Please refer to our terms and conditions for more info.


Trudoor does not allow returns for any material sold & received as ordered. We do not, by any means accept returns for custom, modified, prepped, pre-finished, or previously installed products that have been altered whatsoever from their original condition. Stock hardware products that have been unused may be returned, but a restocking fee may apply. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more info.

Warranty Info

All warranties expressed or implied on our doors, frames and hardware are those of the manufacturer. All warranties are subject to the terms of each manufacturer, including conditions of the warranty, such as proper installation, maintenance and repair. Trudoor does not directly warrant or supplement warranties for any products sold.

Installation FAQ's

Installation instructions are provided for most hardware products, but not frames and doors, as almost no door manufacturer provides print instructions with their products. Please see our installation instructions page for help.

Please see our installation instructions page for help, though we do recommend hiring an experienced contractor or handyman to install the doors we supply, as certain applications may prove to be too complex for a novice.


Payment is due in full upon placement of all orders. At the sole discretion of Trudoor LLC, we may allow a 50% deposit on orders requiring significant or lengthy production, with the remaining balance due prior to shipment.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and company checks with authorization. If paying with company check, order(s) may be held until check clears with our bank.

Payment can be submitted through our secure online payment gateway or by telephone (844-878-3667).

Company checks can be mailed to:

Trudoor LLC
4655 W McDowell Rd Ste 107
Phoenix, AZ 85035