Falcon 20-R-L-NL Rim Panic Bar Exit Device with Escutcheon Night Latch Lever

Usually Ships: 3-5 Business Days
  • Medium-Duty – ANSI Grade-1 Certified
  • For Interior or Exterior Doors – Non-Handed
  • Includes 212L-NL Escutcheon Nightlatch Lever (Key Retracts Latchbolt)

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Falcon 20-R-L-NL Grade-1 Rim Exit Device with 212-L-NL Night Latch Lever Trim

Falcon® prides itself on dependable, cost-effective products that meet or exceed life safety and building requirements. The Falcon 20 Series, pushbar exit devices are ideal for light-to-medium duty door applications, such as commercial, multi-family, office, and retail. This Grade-1, affordable exit device is offered in multiple functions, lever, and trim options. With the Falcon 20 Series, you’re choosing a quality performing, medium-duty pushbar exit device with all metal construction at an unmatched value.

The Falcon 20 Series exit device is an affordable and reliable choice. A certified ANSI/BHMA A156.3-2014 Grade-1 exit device these pushbars are non-handed and will accommodate 161 door prep. The series also offers multiple functions and a full trim complement, including 161 key in lever.

  • Escutcheon Night Latch Lever (Outside Always Locked – Key Retracts Latchbolt) – Mortise Cylinder Sold Separately
  • Durable, steel mechanism case construction
  • Standard features include scratch-resistant surfaces and built-in deadlocking
  • Roller Strike Standard
  • 3-1/2″ Minimum stile width


689 Aluminum


3'0" (2'6" to 3'0" Doors), 4'0" (3'1" to 4'0" Doors)


212L-NL (Night Latch Lever)


1-1/4" Mortise Cylinder (sold separately)


Light Duty

ANSI Grade

Certified ANSI/BHMA A156.3-2014 Grade 1


Universal hardware pack for wood and hollow metal


Stainless steel, 3/4" throw – Deadlocking


Roller Strike



Fire Rating

20R: Non-Fire-Rated – F20R: 3-Hour Fire-Rated

Stile Type

Wide (Standard)

Dogging Feature

Hex key dogging standard on non-fired-rated devices

Door Applications

1-3/4″ Thick Hollow Metal Doors / Wood Doors

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Falcon 20-R-L-NL Rim Panic Bar Exit Device with Escutcheon Night Latch Lever