Stainless Steel Hollow Metal Doors

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Stainless steel doors are ideal for commercial, industrial and high style environments. Constructed like standard hollow metal doors but with stainless steel components, stainless doors are pleasing to the eye, corrosion resistant, hygienic, fire-resistant and offer unsurpassed durability.

  • Ideal for Interior and Exterior Applications
  • Type 304 or Type 316 – Vertical Grain – #4 Satin Stainless Finish
  • Virtually Maintenance Free

*includes door and frame


Product Overview

Heavy-duty stainless steel doors and frames  for commercial and industrial applications

Common applications include water treatment plants, coast guard facilities, ports, tunnels, chemical plants, pool rooms, labs, car washes, food & beverage facilities and high-end commercial & residential buildings.


  • 1-3/4” Thick Doors
  • Type 304 or Type 316 – Vertical Grain – #4 Satin Stainless Finish
  • Edge Seam (lockseam) or Seamless (optional)
  • Available with a wide range of glass lites, louvers and hardware preps
  • Frames available KD or welded in a variety of jamb depths
  • Fire-rated up to 3 hours with WHI / ITS label applied (optional)

Door Construction

Heavy Duty; 18-Gauge Stainless Steel Standard

Frame Construction

Heavy Duty; 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Standard

Door Edge

Beveled - Edge Seam (lockseam) or Seamless (optional)


Handed - LH/RHR, RH/LHR

Standard Door Preps

161 (cylindrical lock), 86 Edge (mortise lock), Deadbolt, RPD (blank edge, panic reinforced)

Optional Preps

Continuous Hinge Application (Undersized Width), Exit Device Trim, Deadbolts, Lite and Louver Cutouts

Frame Anchors

Anchors for New and Existing Walls


Optional – WHI / ITS up to 3-hour Fire-Rating, Positive Pressure and “S” Smoke included

Buy American Act Compliance

Meets Buy American Act – Made in USA

Mfg. Hinge/Lock Locations

Steelcraft, Mesker, Ceco, Curries, Republic, Baron, DKS, Pioneer, Deansteel, Custom Locations