Hollow Metal Dutch Door

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Dutch doors also called double-hung doors or half doors, are divided in half horizontally so the bottom half can remain shut while the top half opens. A full or half-shelf may be installed on the bottom leaf.

  • Heavy Duty 18-Gauge Steel
  • Rigid Honeycomb Core or Polystyrene Core
  • Full or Half-Shelf Options

Product Overview

Heavy-duty steel dutch door for commercial applications

Dutch Doors consistit of two separate leaves, one above the other. They are usually installed in storage or service locations restricting entry to the storage/service area but allowing for items or services to be provided by an attendant. Some applications include child day care facilities, mailrooms, post offices and pharmacies.


  • 1-3/4” Thick Standard (Top and Bottom Leaf)
  • Four hinges are standard on dutch door openings
  • Interlocking seam enhances structural rigidity and durability
  • Factory-applied rust-inhibiting primer (no special color options)
  • Dutch door bolt hardware available


Heavy Duty, SDI Level 2 – 18-Gauge Steel Face Sheets – (16 Ga. Available)


Rigid Honeycomb Core or Polystyrene Core

Door Thickness

1-3/4" Standard


3/4" Standard


Optional – WHI / ITS up to 3-hour Fire-Rating (single doors only; additional locking hardware required)


Factory-Applied, Baked-On, Rust Inhibiting Primer (No Special Color Options) – Not intended to be a finish coat. It is recommended that finish paint (top coat) be applied after installation

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Steelcraft Standard

Fire labeled dutch door design incorporates two separate door leaves, hung one over the other, and mounted into a single swing opening. Both leaves can operate separately. The bottom leaf must latch into the strike jamb of the frame. The top leaf must latch into either the strike jamb or into the top leaf. Single Swing applications only: no double door configurations.

  • Labeled dutch door openings must have two (2) locks
  • The upper and lower leaf may latch into the frame or the upper leaf may latch into the lower leaf, which latches into the frame.
  • The opening must include a closing device located on the upper leaf, and a horizontal astragal which will coordinate the closing and latching of the bottom leaf.
  • A label is required on each leaf of a dutch door and one on the frame.
  • Maximum size for 3 Hour Fire Rating: 4′ 0″  x 7′ 2″
  • Limited to one 100 square inch light in top leaf only for 90-minute fire-rating