Double Egress Frame

Double Egress Hollow Metal Frame
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Double Egress Hollow Metal Frame

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A double egress hollow metal frame is for a pair of doors in which the doors can only swing in the opposite direction. Double egress frames are typically used in corridors of hospitals, schools and nursing homes where the control of traffic is important.

  • 16 Gauge Steel - Cold Rolled
  • Fire-Rated up to 3 Hours
  • 4-inch to 13-inch Jamb Depths
  • 16-Gauge Cold Rolled Steel
  • Double Egress Profile
  • Exact fit mitered corner
  • 7-Guage Hinge Reinforcement
  • Standard / Heavy Duty Adjustment
  • Floor Anchors in all jamb sides
  • Wall Anchors for Masonry, Wood Stud, Metal Stud and Strap Anchors
  • 4-inch to 13-inch jamb depths
  • 20-Minute to 3-Hour label
  • Smoke label