Cased Opening Frame

Hollow Metal Cased Opening Frame
Made in USA

Flush Hollow Metal Frame - Traffic Door Frame

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A Hollow Metal Cased Opening frame is constructed without an integral stop. These frames can be blank and used to trim a wall opening or they can be prepared for doors designed specifically for cased opening type frames, such as impact traffic doors or double acting doors.

  • Ideal for Swinging Restaurant Doors / Impact Traffic Doors
  • 16 Gauge Steel - Cold Rolled
  • Available for Masonry and Drywall Applications
  • 16 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel
  • Flush Frame, No Stops
  • Can be Reinforced for Traffic Door Hardware
  • Available KD (3-Piece Knockdown) or Welded
  • Anchors for Masonry and Drywall Applications
  • Exact Fit Mitered Corners
  • Factory Applied Baked-On Rust Inhibiting Primer
  • Made in the USA
Hollow Metal Cased Opening Jamb Depth
Hollow Metal Cased Opening Flush Frame