KD Masonry Frame

KD Hollow Metal Door Frame

KD - Knocked Down Masonry Metal Frame

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A KD or Knocked Down Hollow Metal Masonry Frame can be used for exterior or interior applications and comes in 3 pieces (strike jamb, hinge jamb and head). The KD masonry frame can be installed before or after the wall has been built. Can be used with exterior wood stud walls as well (butts existing wall).

  • 16 Gauge Steel - Cold Rolled or Galvanized
  • Fire-Rated up to 3 Hours
  • Wall Anchors for Masonry and Wood Stud Walls (New & Existing)
  • Standard Jamb Depths: 4-3/4" to 8-3/4"
  • 16 Gauge Cold Rolled or Galvanized Steel
  • Prime Painted Gray; Factory Applied, Baked On
  • Unequal Rabbet 2-inch Face (Also available with 4-inch Face Heads)
  • 5/8” Stop Height
  • Exact Fit Mitered Corners
  • 4-7/8” Universal ASA Strike Preparation
  • Includes Floor Anchor
  • 9/32” Door Silencer Preparation
  • 20-Minute to 3-Hour Fire Label
Standard Jamb Depths
4-3/4" Jamb Depth Hollow Metal Frame
4-3/4" (3-3/4" Throat)
5-3/4" Jamb Depth Hollow Metal Frame
5-3/4" (4-7/8" Throat)
6-3/4" Jamb Depth Hollow Metal Frame
6-3/4" (5-3/4" Throat)
7-3/4" Jamb Depth Hollow Metal Frame
7-3/4" (6-3/4" Throat)
8-1/4" Jamb Depth Hollow Metal Frame
8-1/4" (7-1/4" Throat)
8-3/4" Jamb Depth Hollow Metal Frame
8-3/4" (7-3/4" Throat)
Anchors for Existing Walls

* Can be used with existing block wall or exterior wood stud walls (frame butts wall). Frame is punch and dimpled (4 dimpled holes per jamb = 8 per frame). Furnished with 3/8″ masonry sleeve anchors, flat head concrete screw anchors or wood lag screws.

^ Custom anchor, available upon request (install threshold to cover anchor)

Punch and Dimpled Frame w/ EOA Anchor Detail