Restroom Up LoK UL-134-100 Hands Free Privacy Door Lock


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  • ADA Compliant hands-free privacy lock w/ locked status indicator
  • Ideal for inswinging commercial restroom doors
  • A completely new Patent Pending handle and locking concept

The Privacy Lock That Doesn’t Need a Hand

A restroom privacy door lock should be easy to use while clearly communicating locked status on both sides of the door. It should present a simple and intuitive user interface.

The Restroom UP LoK™ abandons the tiny finger-dependent push button of the traditional privacy lock in favor of a more robust deadbolt mechanism.  This incredibly simple concept uses far fewer parts than conventional grip and twist privacy locks.  The innovative handle design governs locking, unlocking, lock status indicators on both sides, and pulling in one simple part. This new hands-free privacy door lock makes all the difference in escaping a single-occupancy restroom with clean hands that don’t have to touch the door handle on the way out.

The Restroom UP LoK™ is designed to be used in a single-user washroom/restroom setting. The integrated locking mechanism is intended to provide the user with privacy. Do not use this product for any application requiring real security beyond privacy.

  • Nothing to grip or twist
  • A completely new Patent Pending handle and locking concept
  • Intuitive hands-free optional pulling, pushing, locking and unlocking
  • Locked status indicator
  • Fits nearly all existing commercial doors
  • Commercial-grade performance from CNC machined components
  • Exterior is brushed stainless steel (raw – no finish) and anodized aluminum
  • Interior handle is solid black Acetal
  • Solid bronze latch
  • includes a sticker to be placed on the door near the lock to help users understand how the UP LoK operates
  • ADA Compliant






No strike plate included (sold separately)

Latch Face

1" W x 2-1/4" H


Completely Reversible

Fire Rating


Door Thickness


Door Applications

Inswinging metal or wood doors

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