Norton ADA1028W Wireless Interface Module (WIM) for Adaez Low Energy Operator


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  • Can be used with any 5800 ADAEZ model PRO, PLUS, COMPLETE
  • Can be mounted inside a power supply cabinet
  • Includes plastic mounting plate with double-sided tape and fasteners

5800 Series ADAEZ® Operator Wireless Interface Module (WIM)

The Wireless Interface Module allows the 5800 door operator to interface to 5800 wired or wireless push buttons, wireless remote, an electric lock, fire panel, access control, and an outside push button disable contact. The ADAEZ WIM can be used with any 5800 ADAEZ model PRO, PLUS, PRO COMPLETE.

The introduction of the Wireless Interface Module enables the 5800 to fulfill the needs of a broader set of applications that require simple and seamless door control through a variety of devices and systems. Easy to install, the WIM can be mounted inside a power supply cabinet, using the included mounting plate and fasteners.


  • Power input: 24VDC
  • Hardwire push buttons input: separate INSIDE and an OUTSIDE activation input
  • Wireless push button input: separate INSIDE and an OUTSIDE RF activation input
  • Handheld transmitter input: (p/n ADA1031 HAND-HELD-TX) interface
  • Operator connection cable: Plug in ADAEZ swing door cable connector interface
  • Lock power: Dry contact SPDT to power an electric lock
  • Outside push button disable: privacy feature


  • Wireless Output: RF signal to activate ADAEZ door opener
  • Output Contacts: SPDT dry contact output for AUX signal
  • Lock Contacts: SPDT dry contact output for LOCK
  • Access Control Contacts: indicates valid Unlock signal
  • Signal Delay Timer: 1.5 second lock release delay
  • Emergency Interface Relay (EIR): disables signal inputs


  • UL
  • FCC 47CFR 15C and RSS 210


4-1/4"W x 5-3/4"H

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