STC Metal Door

STC Door
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(STC) Sound Transmission Control Doors

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(STC) Sound Transmission Control or Acoustical doors are sound rated doors used to reduce or eliminate unwanted noise. STC rated doors provide privacy and prevent noise distraction. These doors are typically used in schools, conference rooms, buildings near airports, recording studios, government/military facilities or any other building where sound control is important. Brands include DCI.

  • Levels 43 to 52 Available
  • Tested in Accordance with ASTM E90-09
  • Includes Frame and all Required Seals and Threshold
Door Type
Standard Hollow Metal Door

Normal speech can be understood quite easily
STC Rated Metal Door
Loud speech can be distinguished; normal speech barely heard or inaudible
STC Rated Metal Door
Loud speech is audible but words hard to distinguish
STC Rated Metal Door
Loud speech is barely audible
STC Rated Metal Door
Very loud sounds are faintly heard