Bullet Resistant Metal Door

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Bullet resistant doors are designed to protect people and property from bullets and shrapnel. They are frequently used in government buildings, financial institutions, high crime areas and other structures where increased safety is desired. A security consultant should analyze the building conditions to determine the proper bullet resistance level required.

  • Tested in accordance with UL 752 level 1 through 8
  • 16 or 14-Gauge Steel Faces
  • Bullet Resistant Core

*includes door and frame


Product Overview

Heavy-duty Bullet Resistant steel doors and frames

These assemblies are designed for installations such as public utility and military buildings, cashier islands and currency exchanges, cellular tower units and any other security locations requiring bullet resistance.


  • Tested in accordance with UL 752 level 1 through 8 for ballistic products
  • SDI level 3 (extra heavy-duty) or level 4 (maximum-duty) doors
  • Bullet resistant frames available
  • Factory-applied rust-inhibiting primer (no special color options)
  • Fire-rated up to 3 hours with WHI / ITS mylar label applied (optional)
  • Brands include DCI, Mesker and Republic



Threat Levels

DCI Bullet Resistant Door Video


Heavy Duty, SDI Level 3 – 16-Gauge Steel Face Sheets or Max Duty, SDI Level 4 - 14-Gauge Steel Face Sheets

Core Type

Polystyrene and/or Proprietary

Door Thickness

1-3/4" Standard


Factory-Applied, Baked-On, Rust Inhibiting Gray Primer (No Special Color Options) – Not intended to be a finish coat. It is recommended that finish paint (top coat) be applied after installation


Meets and exceeds ADA, ANSI, ASTM, and SDI Standards (UL 752)

Buy American Act Compliance

Meets Buy American Act – Made in USA


DCI, Mesker, Republic

Mfg. Hinge/Lock Locations

Steelcraft, Mesker, Ceco, Curries, Republic, Baron, Pioneer, Deansteel, Custom Locations